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ImageAt the Law Offices of Michael J. Fox, our focus and mission is to protect the property rights of homeowners throughout California.

We are dedicated to protecting your home, your family, and your financial future.

We specialize in asset recovery, real estate law, mortgage litigation, wrongful foreclosure actions, and eviction defense

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We have a high success record of getting our clients the homes equity after the foreclosure sale, they legally deserve.  YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.

Our Team Management Approach

Our experience has proven that a “team management approach” is the most efficient and effective way to serve the needs of our clients. Real estate and foreclosure law can be complicated.

Most homeowners have multiple issues concerning their property rights. To address this, a team of professionals will be working for you Your team will always include full legal representation, and where needed, certified real estate appraisers, document examiners, forensic auditors, handwriting experts, accountants, eviction defense experts, and a multitude of other professionals

You’re Personal Case Manager

One of the most important professionals involved in your legal action will be your case manager Case managers carefully monitor your case status and coordinate the activities of everyone involved in your legal action.

Although not bar admitted, they do have extensive experience and education in real estate, management, and legal principals Your case manager will serve as your single point of contact. Even better, they will always be available to you seven days a week - day or night.

Never again will you have to loose sleep wondering about the status of your case. And unlike other law offices, your phone calls, your concerns, and your questions will never go unanswered. Our “team management approach” makes a difference!

We Help Recover Surplus Funds from a Foreclosure Sale

If your home was sold by the trustee in a foreclosure auction for more money than you owed on the balance of the loan, you are entitled to the difference.

Our foreclosure attorneys are helping more clients recover surplus funds from foreclosure sales than ever before because of the recovering economy and recent increase in housing market prices.

We are here to help Californians find out how much they are actually owned by the trustee in surplus foreclosure funds – and how to get that money back quickly.

Find out How Much Foreclosure Surplus Funds You Are Owed Today

Going through a foreclosure is stressful, and many people don’t know that they are entitled to excess funds from the trustee sale. Lenders don’t make it clear that they have rights to claim the difference in funds from a foreclosure auction, and they certainly won’t send you a check without a formal request. Unfortunately, getting excess funds from a foreclosure sale isn’t as easy as calling your lender and providing an address to send a check.

The process of recovering surplus funds from foreclosure in California can be confusing, and take some time to complete. Because lenders are of no assistance in this situation, most consumers are left with no real guidance on how to proceed. Our experienced foreclosure attorneys will guide you through the process for the best results with no upfront cost to you. We only get paid when we recover money for you, so there is no risk in calling today for a free consultation.

Get Your Money Back Fast

We understand why most people are eager to know how long it will take to get surplus funds from a foreclosure sale. Getting your money back fast is important, and our foreclosure attorneys will fight to get you the difference back as quickly as possible.

If you think that you may be owed surplus funds from a foreclosure, or simply need to find out how much you are owed in excess, you should call our firm today for a free consultation.

We offer free consultations via phone or in person and accept all surplus fund clients on contingency.

This means that we don’t get paid until we collect excess funds on your behalf. Call us now so that we can start helping you recover surplus funds from your foreclosure sale immediately.

Wrongful Foreclosures

Why Do Wrongful Foreclosures Occur?

A wrongful foreclosure can result from a variety of circumstances. In many cases it, is a direct result of inaccurate or misleading statements made by the lender. False promises to modify existing mortgages or postpone trustee sales are common. Other causes can include predatory lending, compliance errors, missing documents, “robo signing”, dual tracking, and other improper procedures

Taking Action Against Wrongful Foreclosure

At the Law Offices of Michael J. Fox we always take a proactive approach to post-foreclosure cases. We immediately begin a comprehensive investigation of your case. Using experts, as needed, we carefully examine the loan documents and the foreclosure paperwork. These often provide the evidence that a wrongful foreclosure has taken place. Once we have all the requisite information, the Law Offices of Michael J. Fox are able to craft a strong case that demonstrates the wrongdoing of the lender. Whether the lender failed to give notice of the foreclosure, agreement, made misrepresentations, violated lending laws, or any other wrongdoing, the Law Offices of Michael J. Fox can help. We have substantial experience protecting homeowners against the wrongful practices of lending companies, banks, and mortgage brokers. We are a team of experts with the skills needed to develop a strong and compelling case on your behalf.


Victims of a wrongful foreclosure have the right to demand the return of their home and to seek real and significant monetary damages.

Damages can include emotional distress, loss of equity, and punitive awards The new California Homeowner Bill of Rights guarantees many of these rights to property owners who take quick action


Once your home has been sold at a trustee sale you can expect that an eviction proceeding is pending. There will soon be real estate agents and others coming by asking you to leave. Or, they may even try to bribe you with a "cash for keys" offer.

Be careful. The bank, new investor, or real estate agent has only one goal in mind and that is to remove you from your home as quickly as possible.

The banks goal is to reclaim as much money as possible, the investor wants to resell your home for a quick profit, and the real estate agent wants to earn his big commission. The cold hard truth is that none of these parties have your best interests in mind.

Your Rights

California homeowners have the right to remain in their homes even after a foreclosure sale. California Statute protects you and you do not have to leave without court action. Even if you have received a Three Day Notice to Quit and/or were you served with a Summons and Complaint it is not too late to have the Law Offices of Michael J. Fox protect your rights

The law is specific and complicated in these areas but the attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael J. Fox are experts in eviction law. You will be provided expert and professional legal advice about the best way to proceed. We will evaluate all of the facts of your case and help you navigate the process that is ahead of you. We are strong and caring advocates dedicated to keeping you in your home.

California Homeowner Bill of Rights

On July 11, 2012, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Homeowner Bill of Rights into law to bring fairness, accountability and transparency to the state’s mortgage and foreclosure process.

The Homeowner Bill of Rights went into effect on January 1, 2013. More than one million California homes were lost to foreclosure between 2008 and 2011—with an additional 700,000 currently in the foreclosure pipeline. Seven of the nation’s 10 hardest-hit cities by foreclosure rate in 2011 were in California.

Two key bills of the Homeowner Bill of Rights contain significant mortgage and foreclosure reforms. The major provisions of AB 278 (Eng/Feuer/Mitchell) and SB 900 (Leno/Corbett/DeSaulnier/Evans) include:

Dual track foreclosure ban: Mortgage servicers will be required to render a decision on a loan modification application before advancing the foreclosure process by filing a notice of default or notice of sale, or by conducting a trustee’s sale. The foreclosure process is essentially paused upon the completion of a loan modification application for the duration of the lender’s review of that application.

Single point of contact: Mortgage servicers will be required to designate a “single point of contact” for borrowers who are potentially eligible for a federal or proprietary loan modification application. The single point of contact is an individual or team with knowledge of the borrower’s status and foreclosure prevention alternatives, access to decision makers, and the responsibility to coordinate the flow of documentation between borrower and mortgage servicer.

Enforceability: Borrowers will have authority to seek redress of “material” violations of the California Homeowner Bill of Rights. Injunctive relief will be available prior to a foreclosure sale and recovery of damages will be available following a sale.

Verification of documents: The recording and filing of multiple unverified documents will be subject to a civil penalty of up to $7,500 per loan in an action brought by a civil prosecutor. Enforcement will also be allowed under a violator’s licensing statute by the Department of Corporations, Department of Real Estate or Department of Financial Institution